Minted Does Art

Remember Minted and their super cute business cards? Well, they have gone and done it again – by adding  art to their site. Minted recently debuted a carefully curated collection of limited edition prints to pretty up your walls. The prints, which are usually available in a variety of colors, are sufficiently indie chic, and cover a broad range of styles. Some can even be customized with your name (great for kids rooms!).

Here are a few of my favorites:

Locavore: Shabby Chic Furniture by Rethunk Junk

shabby chic buffet

I wanted to showcase a fantastic business based here in Atlanta, Rethunk Junk. Laura of Rethunk Junk takes sad, old furniture and revamps it into amazing, affordable vintage-inspired pieces. I bought a buffet for my dining room from Rethunk Junk and I’m always checking the web store for new gems. Here are some of my recent favorite items:

headboard and dresser

Love headboard ($128) and 1,2,3,4 Dresser ($162)

black china cabinet

Black distressed china cabinet ($278)

blue vintage dresser

Blue curvy dresser ($152)

The pieces on Rethunk Junk are priced to sell, so if you’re in the Atlanta area – get buying. This is simply a can’t miss resource for affordable shabby chic furniture and decor. I mean, seriously, I almost regret telling you about this for fear that you might snap up the next great find before I do!

Easy Thanksgiving Tablescape: Glitter Painted Pumpkins

glitter pumpkin centerpiece

Continuing on the mission to fill the house with fall decor, I created this simple pumpkin centerpiece for my dining room.

Glitter Pumpkin Thansgiving tablescape

These are mini pumpkins and acorn squash (the dark green ones) that I picked up at my local grocery store. I painted them with Martha Stewart glitter paint in the shades Carnelian, Sunstone and Orange Sorbet. Some of them are layered with multiple colors. Each pumpkin got two coats of glitter paint.

Painted pumpkins

These paints turned out to be more sheer than I’d thought they would, so the original color of the pumpkins is still quite prominent. The effect is more of a subtle shine. The Sunstone provided the most coverage of the three colors I chose. If you are looking for full coverage, I’d recommend painting them with a solid color first and the doing the glitter coat.

Thanksgiving decorI picked up a few cheap candle pedestals at Target to add some varying heights to the display. The table runner was found at Home Goods.

DIY Felt Flowers and a Fall Wreath

Since we are planning to host our first Thanksgiving this year, I set out to “fall-ify” our house this weekend with a little fall decor. One thing on my wish list was a fall wreath for out front. I knew I didn’t like fake, silk flowers or leaves, so I was looking for something a little different. I found lots of cute wreaths with fabric flowers on Etsy and decided to try to make my own.

DIY fall wreath with felt fabric flowers

After searching tutorials for no-sew fabric flowers online, I decided felt flowers would be easy to make and had a look I loved.

Here’s how to make no-sew felt fringe flowers.


  • A few sheets of felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Optional: Floral wire for attaching to wreath or other items, grapevine wreath

Felt Flower Supplies

The first thing you’ll want to do is cut strips of felt. The longer the strips, the bigger the flower. For the finished flowers you’ll see in this project, the largest took the full length of the sheet (11 inches) and the smallest was about 7 inches. The width is up to you, but my strips were about 1.5 inches or so. Your lines don’t have to be perfectly straight.

felt strip

Now, cut your strip into fringe leaving just a very small border of solid felt along one end. The more fringe, the more petals.

felt fringe

Roll up your felt strip and use hot glue to attach the end. I then also squeezed some hot glue in the middle and between the layers so that the roll stays tights.

rolled felt flowerWhen the glue has set, turn over your flower and fluff out the fringe. That’s it, you have a pretty little fringe flower.

DIY felt fringe flower

For this flower, I repeated the same process with a tiny, tiny felt strip to make a little center for the flower. You could also use a small felt circle, a little felt roll or even an embellishment like a button or a rhinestone. Just hot glue it in the center.

no-sew fabric flowerIf you are putting your flowers on a wreath, like I did, you can add some floral wire to the back of your flower to stick it into the wreath. I wrapped it around the base of the flower and then secured with a bit of hot glue. Then just wrap the wire around the branches of your wreath (if using a grapevine wreath) or stick them into the foam wreath base. If your wreath will be exposed to the elements, you will probably want to secure the flowers with a bit of hot glue.

Alternatively, you can attach the flowers to a pin, a headband or just about anything and you have an easy DIY accessory.

easy diy felt flowers

Experiment with adding leaves and other elements to your flowers. To make the flowers multicolored, roll stacked strips of different colored felt together.

I purchased the grapevine wreath for less than $5 at Michaels. The felt rang it at $0.29 a sheet! This is a very affordable fall craft. The craft store sells lots of fun decorations to add to your wreath. I added a few feathers to mine.



Rustic Chic Nursery Decor

If I ever have a baby girl, I think I’d like something like this in her room. In fact, I may want it for my room!

decorative door(via)

I love the idea of a cute nursery that’s not an explosion of pastels. This room with the amazing DIY pallet bed for reading and the super cool ceiling decor has always stuck in my mind…


It’s a little more difficult than picking out a matching room set from a big box store, but I think its really fun when creative folks take the time to put together a playful room that’s still super chic. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time in there, too! It should be a space that you’ll enjoy together.


Ceiling Medallion Wall Art

Ok, so this great idea to use ceiling medallions (which totally make me swoon) as wall art has been floating around for a while. This amazing shot showed up via Better Homes and Gardens a few months ago and I kicked myself for never having thought of such a simple idea. What a great way to add a pop of color, and you can find tons of fun pieces for under $100 each.

Ceiling Medallion Wall Art

Well, Country Living has taken it to the next level with a monotone, textured wall art design. I love the subtle yet special effect it creates. It reminds me of a swanky hotel – especially when done in all white as it is here.

Subtle Ceiling Medallion Wall Art

Which look do you prefer?

French Flea Market Style Hits Target

I’ve been a fan of the shabby chic French laundry look for a while now. While my husband questioned my sanity for wanting to pay obscene amounts of cash for furniture made of scratchy burlap, I thought it was charming.

I mean, would wouldn’t love these (all from Horchow)?

French Laundry Chairs

French Laundry Ottomans

Industrial Chairs

The look has been widely available for a few years now, but most pieces have cost a pretty penny. Now, Target is making it affordable with some new pieces in their fall home collection. These are pretty good representations of the style, though I do think they look a bit less less high end (as expected).

French Laundry at Target

Shabby Chic lamp at Target

So, what do you think? When something hits Target – are you excited to embrace the trend, or so over it because it’s gone mass market?

Target Fall Look Book preview via CasaSugar